The original idea of AAJFcleanup was to provide an outstanding, reliable Commercial and Residential Cleaning & Janitorial Services at reasonable prices. We noticed there was a big gap in the marketplace for a highly reliable, customer centered cleaning company that offered a personalized & attentive service with all the bells and whistles of the largest well known franchises, without lengthy contracts or outrageous pricing. Our commitment to go the extra-mile for all our clients has allowed AAJF Cleanup Services to become one of the most respected, ranked and favored commercial cleaning services across multiple markets and service areas.

From small local offices, to well known government agencies, corporate headquarters, franchises, public and private universities, schools, daycare, restaurants, hospitals, malls, shopping centers, executive offices, stadiums, all the way to private airports, AAJF Cleanup is responsible for helping these businesses and organizations put their best foot forward every day, rain or shine, and ensure their professionalism, productivity, healthiness, look and shine will meet the highest standards. We have made a commitment to lead by example.

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