Finding Professional & Reliable Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services for any space can be overwhelming and intimidating… but it doesn’t need to be.

  • Imagine your floors so clean you can eat off of them
  • We leave every table top, desk top or any other surface so clean a high flying eagle can see the clean
  • We leave your storage areas so clean nothing you put in there gets dirty.
  • We’ll have your rest rooms looking brand new.
  • We ensure that your trash has been properly disposed of and all the receptacles have been re bagged
  • We hire and train cleaning professionals so the look you get is as  good as it gets
  • All spaces will be cleaner than you ever expected.
  • We supply all the tools, chemicals and labor so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the clean

Working with AAJF Cleanup helps you… _________________________________________________________ Get A Customized Janitorial Plan _________________________________________________________ Enjoy Stress-Free Janitorial Services _________________________________________________________ Reach Your Facility Cleaning Goals _________________________________________________________ Enjoy A Clean Facility

No space is to large or small for us to clean it

Small offices, medium sized offices, large offices, schools and universities, churches and religeous centers, we’re the best at cleaning post construction sites, industrial kitchens, post offices, retail stores, factories and industrial buildings, casinos, entertainment facilities and sports facilities, hospitals, medical offices, government and military facilities and residences too

Were incredibly proud of our employees and think you will be too. Every member of our staff is throughly screened, insured and bonded. And each one will be a local resident who lives near your facility. Your Facility will be cleaned by the same team each time. This means your team won’t have to learn the specifics of your location, it’ll be what they do every visit. You won’t just be hiring cleaning experts you’ll be hiring specialists in your facility.

So if sanitation is important to you give us a call at 877-716-3400

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